Next month is Filipino American History Month! In honor of‪#‎FilAmHistoryMonth‬, we're going to start a Twitter campaign of ‪#‎AllPinayEverything‬.

We want to ask our readers to think about ‪#‎Pinayism‬. We want to celebrate Emma Watson's UN speech that reminds us sexism and patriarchy dehumanizes ALL sexes, and there is a call to every pin@y to fight against patriarchy. We ask our readers to sit and ponder Barbara Jane Reyes's important questions on gender, tradition, and institution and Facebook/Tweet their answers with the hashtag #AllPinayEverything for the whole month of October:

How to be mindful of reciprocity, of gender dynamics, given “tradition,” and “institution,” and the extents to which those around me either adhere or break from these.

How do we negotiate our relationships to “tradition” and “institution,” given the contradiction of our being here? How to enlarge the contradictory spaces within “tradition” and “institution,” which we inhabit?

How do we do this in everyday practice, given how much we think and write and speak publicly on the matter?

How do we negotiate “the body,” “the Pinay body,” “the Pinay,” within our traditional, institutional, patriarchal spaces?

How not to assume? How to respect where others are at in their own liberation. What if others do not appear to prioritize their own liberation? And who am I — what gives any of us the right — to judge this? So then, how not to judge others, and how to call out others for their tendency or need to level judgment upon others? How to eliminate dismissiveness and condescension from this picture?

— "Pinays and Patriarchy: Teaching and Writing" by Barbara Jane Reyes

Thoughts? We'd love to hear them. Tweet/FB us back with #AllPinayEverything.