Dr. Tamara Hollins



Taking on another's pain crushes and bursts the heart. I am suffering because you suffered. The
fear and confusion, righteous defiance, anger, and agony you felt are everything that I feel for
you, as you, and you are the specter that haunts, every moment drawn out, recurring, tied to your
car, that cell, fouled by inhumanity. Even still, truth will cleanse the unwanted intimate
trespassing upon your body and take you home to the blackness that is new life. And as you rise
to this dark heaven, so shall I follow.


Dr. Tamara Hollins has earned the following degrees: a B.A. in Art, with distinction, from Hendrix College; an M.A. in Cultural Studies from Claremont Graduate University; an M.F.A. in Writing and Literature from Bennington College; and a Ph.D. in English from Claremont Graduate University. Her scholarly work, creative writing, and art have been published in journals such as Festival Writer, anthologies such as Steve Kowit: This Unspeakably Marvelous Life, and encyclopedias such as Encyclopedia of African American Women Writers. She has participated in Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop and has published Fluid Clair-Obscure: Multiplicity and the Construction of Identity and thinking of you.