Four Poems

by Eli Tamondong



i want your hands
intertwined with mine
and our bodies
piercing through

let's take a knife
and slice through
the ocean and the sky

bright lights await

no fear

vulnerability no fear
self love no fear
join hands no fear

heart breaks no fear


hold each other’s hands
say something you love
let it spill into you
until your heart


i love him
i need your advice
we are eloping
will you be my wings?

i love them
i need your advice
they are hurting
can i be their shield?

best friend
i love her
i need your advice
she is crying
tears of joy
tears of joy
tears of joy


Writer’s BIO:

Eli Tamondong is a hybrid performance, visual, and (con)textual artist as drag persona Ube Halaya. They have been curated by Dance New Amsterdam, Dixon Place, Movement Research at Judson, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Chez Bushwick, Gibney Dance, New York Live Arts, New Dance Alliance, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, published in SLAG Mag and Polychrome Ink, and creates content on Instagram (@radical_ube) and Twitch ( They have been a member of the Dance/NYC Junior Committee (2014-2017), a Chez Bushwick Artist-in-Residence (2014), and a New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks Artist (2015-16).