by Ginny Huo


Artist Statement

remember....remember....remember....” addresses softness by showing the duality and complicated nature that is tied to the idea of being “soft.” I’m questioning what it means to be soft, what it means to be vulnerable, to ask for something you desire, and to feel a range of emotions while still staying “soft.” I’m questioning how sometimes our intentions are somehow not matched with our language or action. How, after all of that, are we to remain soft within ourselves and to others?


Artist’s BIO:

Gi (Ginny) Huo is an interdisciplinary artist collaging photography, sculpture, sound and video in her work — reimagining experiences into abstracted allegorical stories and reconstructed landscape to dissect gaps in language, belief and disbelief, and the violence formed from religious dogma. How does one trust and why? She received her BFA at Brigham Young University (Provo, UT) and MFA at the Maryland Institute College of the Arts (Baltimore, MD). She currently serves as the Senior Teen Programs Coordinator at The Studio Museum in Harlem and Adjunct Professor of Senior Thesis, Writing at Parsons, The New School.