DEAR Lola Beverly,

Given Hestor

Student at St. Bernard High School

Dear LOLA Beverly,


There are things that I still don’t know about you. All I have are a name and a letter. I know that you are the wife of a WWII veteran, and I know what you once were. I did not come from a poor family like you, but I was still taught the same message; both you and I know that studying and concentration lead to a bright future. It will bring to me what I need in life, or at least the start of it. You do not only care about your grandchild’s success, but also that she finds joy in what she succeeds in. I appreciate that—a lot. It shows your compassion towards her. You do not wish digression upon your grandchild; we are in now in America, a place where we fought for our freedom. Simply have your grandchild follow your footsteps, and they will grow and strive to be better than you and I.

Thanks for your consideration.


Your friend,

Givon Hester