“two men kissing. red.”

by Gregory Climer


Artist Statement

“My medium is pieced and quilted fabric. This quilt is composed of thousands of one-inch squares, each designed, printed, and sewn by myself. Quilts are traditionally objects made from scraps of fabric, the discarded. Sewn with women's labor and used for the protection of the family from the cold nights. As a gay man, these descriptions are metaphors which resonated with who I am.

My approach to quilting takes these components and reimagine them. The scraps which made a quilt are given new purpose and value. Together they form something desired and treasured, both in the form of a quilt and in the image of a couple embracing. The softness of a quilt is where it gains it strength, just as the soft kiss of a lover is what gives our community our strength.

For so long the LGBTQ community has fought for equality. The debates disguise the underlying truth of what LGBTQ equality means. It means the right to love who we love. This quilt is part of a series which celebrates the spectrum of ways in which gay men love one another, ranging from hedonistic sex to intimate embraces.”


Artist’s BIO:

Gregory Climer is a visual artist who works primarily in textiles. His work has been shown at the Museum of Art and Design, The Mint Museum of Fine Art, and is in the permanent collection of the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. He is currently faculty at California College of Art and was previously on the faculty at Parsons School of Design.