by Hannah Jones

"No. 1" by  HumbLe Modesto  |  ISSUE FIVE

"No. 1" by HumbLe Modesto | ISSUE FIVE

Wavy girl of
some deep brown
ethnicity  Hiding unseen

behind metal bars
that obscure your
transparency  Teeth crooked

like cleft palates
displayed on Christian
news networks  you

know, the Saints
who solicit your
salary and build

bronze crosses for
white men in
golden countries  lisp

with braces  metal
intertwined with bone
in a gritty

and monumental shrine
to where the
west and the

east meet  colonized
teeth meant to
be straight and

white not crooked
and yellow or
red  God forbid


Anyway, dear Burgundy
Queen you are
not ambiguous, formless

or shapeless.  You
are curves and
clay and maroon

and moonlit night
and shimmering bright
like your teeth

declining to fall
in line  Disobedient.
I see your

smile and it
is perfect as
it is.  But

survival is instinct
so do what
you need to

do to make
it through, boo.

Writer's Bio:

Hannah Jones is a Black Girl with Magic who writes to survive. In writing, she strives to voice silenced hopes, fears, and dreams. By trade, she works as a child clinical psychologist with vulnerable children and families from the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Jones also teaches social justice oriented courses to college students. She has always loved to write and uses written word as an outlet to integrate her academic and artistic identities. Hannah’s work has been featured by several blogs online, including Split This Rock and My Whisper Roars.