Dear GrandChild,


Daughter-in-Law of WWII Veteran

Photography by Tess. Lotta

Photography by Tess. Lotta


I saw my mom's ring on her short chubby finger:
gold it was, surrounded by tiny stones.

I was only 6 years old. To me the ring
glowed beautifully, and guess what—

like a locket, it opened and had a tiny
watch inside. It was an amazing piece.

I can remember my mom washing
her hands and remove the ring to keep

it clean, as we were going to eat the
famous Max's chicken. The ring lying

wet on the sink—she forgot
to put it back on.

Dear Grandchild:

            You should know that you are a precious gift. Your grandparents come from Iloilo City, a small city in the Island of Panay, surrounded by beautiful beaches, a place where we learned to swim at such a young age, as if we were born of warm water, a nature that surrounds you.

            We come from a family of strong ties.

            We are family who do not “kick out” the children once they turn 18.

            Our love for you, they say can sometimes be more than our own love for our children.

            But that’s because we grew much older—we know much better now.

            I hope you will treasure the old and appreciate us.