“Intentional Vulnerability”

by Jackson Reddy


Artist Statement

“As a trans-masculine person I often feel cornered into this idea of what it means to be masculine or to be a ‘man.’ It feels like manhood is often broadly defined by structure and hard lines. With my photography I aim to capture the tenderness and fluidity that is often unseen in presentations of masculine identity. My work highlights the body’s curve, agility and softness, dispelling notions that masculinity means being hard or fixed or immovable.”


Artist’s BIO:

Jackson Reddy (pronouns: they/them/theirs or he/him/his) is a black, queer, transgender, artist, educator and healer. Jacksons work centers around the body and its relationship to space. Jackson’s nudity is a radical embrace of the body and self in its original state-unadorned by social standards. Their work is a reclamation of space for marginalized bodies and identities.