“the sun in my skin, falling”

by Lauren Andrei Garcia


Artist Statement

“This photo is of Caesar @legslikesprings and is part of a body of work attempting to explore the beauty of our brown, nonbinary, and queer skin in the context of a being underwater. Underwater is another world where we can feel weightless where we can fall and rise with breath, where are bodies can twist and turn and let go in ways that express our greatest strength and greatest depth. It is unlike the gravity of the regular world where we are required to be upright, to carry the weight of the world, literally and figuratively on our shoulders.”


Artist’s BIO:

Lauren Andrei Garcia is a Bay Area actor and storyteller born to a viraginous Filipina woman and a green-thumbed Mexican man. She is a part of Las Hociconxs, El Comalito Collective, and Granny Cart Gangstas. Recent work includes acting for Custom Made Theatre Co.’s staging of “Good. Better. Best. Bested,” performing with the Grannies at SF SketchFest 2019, casting and directing for presentations given locally, statewide (PeriAnesthsia Nurses Association of California: 2018 Annual Meeting and Fall Seminar and the SEIU Nurse Alliance of California: 2017 Legislative Conference) and nationally (2017 National Nursing Ethics Conference), production management for Youth Speak’s production of Brave New Voices 2018 at the University of Houston, visual art at El Comalito Collective’s Ser Muxer Exhibit, and leading Moments: Youth Arts Conference. Her chapbook Shipwreck Smiles is an international Elgin Award nominee.