by Lawdenmarc Decamora

"Portrait No. 9," by Jun Jun Sta.Ana |  ISSUE THREE

"Portrait No. 9," by Jun Jun Sta.Ana | ISSUE THREE


Long afternoons, long lovely hours. Big start

with you is like heaven: to mention

one thing in the overcast, seconds to ash,

is the feeling

                    corkscrewing above my heart,

as if a fanfare blowing

to the silver trees

               of many shapes

forming beyond what is outward

but dear bread moving

lights into your past

then back to your singular now: love.




I drink in—Dude! More hope, like summer,

like rain.

    And the glowworms, a minute

of swarm-word I can dig up loose,

let an impulse shimmer

a wind-hung letter

winging similar paths,

tinkered time, or the same-you

same-me episode of memories


                the weather, the sun birds,

these peregrine details lifting

off the veils of our murmur souls.




Beginnings are stories undeserving

of a famed taste of sorrow. Dark linen,

a slow approval gathering

                  into heaps

of your-‘statuesque’-self

decorated for an invisible city,

my pillow-fold room. Horizonward:

I feel febrile music

      roll over coffee lovers’

conversation, threadbare moments

on their wispy trail flare out

with the life and lushness of skin,

water for something to start anew.




The eventide looms ahead of us—darkening

in the haze, ever the same. Tomorrow

will be so close to home.

   Your smile,

how it beautifully repeats in my brain,

lingers, charms the dust.

Even the follicled skepticism

of the multiverse toward Jar Jar Binks. Later the morning

will remove the lunar shade: a sweet decay

in all sci-fi movies.

                                Dude! we will call

ourselves, so our names

will be history

            amid the constant lash of light.


Lawdenmarc Decamora is taking his MA in literary and cultural studies at the Ateneo de Manila University. He holds an MFA in creative writing and has been a fellow of regional and national creative writing and criticism workshops, such as Faigao, Lamiraw, Pamiyabe, Iligan, and KRITIKA. His literary works were published in Mad Swirl (Texas), TAYO Literary Magazine (Issue 5), WE ARE A WEBSITE Literary & Art Journal (Singapore), Cruising Magazine of Manila Bulletin, To Voice My Own, Paper Monster Press, PAMIYABE Literary Anthology, and BUKAMBIBIG Issue One: “Crowds”. He has also presented research papers in various national and international conferences. He is currently a faculty member of the University of Santo Tomas and a research fellow of the university’s Research Centre for Culture, Arts and Humanities (RCCAH).