another blackgirl seeking,
another blackgirl stranded

LeConté Dill

for Renisha McBride

Nineteen year old Rashida keeps checking
Google News
Amassing all of the ways
Media slice
Roll dice
Our names
Our bio
a nuisance
painted over

We must rally for our own
We always have

Rashida checks her GPS
Gas gauge
Tread on her tires
She also is urban
Suburban streets get her lost
and anxious
She also drives hard
and aimless
to keep calm
and make time to charge her cell phone
that stay dyin

Police and Prosecutors play tag
Reminded that this is a game
And you never get to play
But you’re always It

Rashida kicks her legs when she sleeps
Sistagirl found on a porch
Heard “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you”
every Sunday
Heard wrong

“She was shot in the front of the face, near the mouth”

We must rally for our own
We always have

LeConté Dill hails from South Central Los Angeles. She earned degrees from Spelman College, UCLA, and UC Berkeley. LeConté has participated in VONA and Cave Canem creative writing workshops. Her work has been featured in Poetry Magazine, Berkeley Poetry Review, and The Feminist Wire. LeConté is an Assistant Professor at SUNY Downstate.