by Mar Pascual

“TQT No. 57”

“TQT No. 57”


tenderqueerthings is an on-going project which began in 2014. combining delicate poems and hand-cut paper craft, the confessional nature of the work intimately recounts past experiences and offers space to honor and preserve those moments. the process mimics the intent of scrapbooking, yet, it relies solely on text as opposed to imagery. this growing series of work is a representation of what it means to become.

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Artist’s BIO:

Mar Pascual is a Filipinx, non-binary, queer, femme artist and zine-maker currently living in California. They received their Bachelor of Art in Fine Art from California State University, Northridge. Their work is intimate and confessional, exploring themes of survivorship, living with complex trauma, non-white/non cis identity, and queer love.