Image: Gina Sipin


I’m compelled, I’m speaking of myself as a black man, to doubt my history, to examine it; I’m compelled to try to create it. I’m trying to excavate my history from all the rubble that has been buried for so many hundreds of years. And that means I have to question everything.
— James Baldwin
[ YELLOW RIBBON by Stephanie Hsu ]

[ YELLOW RIBBON by Stephanie Hsu ]

We are TAYO:
"to stand up"
in Tagalog.

TAYO cultivates emerging poetry and prose, publishing writing that grapples with the emotive truths of all things lost and adrift.

We’re looking for powerful work that engages us through our emotions, senses, and realities—marking a sense of urgency we find is important for art that affects others with a drive for social change.

We are an annual print, quarterly online and multimedia platform for storytelling. We produce an annual publication, TAYO Literary Magazine, as well as our quarterly online Special Issue Series. We strive to build kapwa (shared humanity) through readings, community projects, and cultural events. Tayo na!

PSA directed by Patrick Epino. Many thanks to Patrick and the FilAm Creative for their collaboration. Those involved in the video: Kristine Co, Justin de la Torre, Mario Salazar, and Melissa Sipin.

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