TWo Poems

by Pamela Santos

“The Visit” by  Verna Jayne Zafra-Kasala

“The Visit” by Verna Jayne Zafra-Kasala


what would Darna do?

when faced with overwhelming odds
would Darna retreat from responsibility
would Darna consider all lives
would Darna stand
or kneel
would Darna hold palm to heart
or speak truth to power
would Darna stop the drug pusher
or the anonymous assassin in black
would Darna punch marcos

would Darna feed the poor
would Darna be our maputi skinned mestiza savior
would Darna be our stand-in jesus
would Darna be our empty vessel for fill in the blank values
would Darna do better, i mean, really do better

would Darna tweet #metoo?

An Incomplete List Of Things You Must Know About My Mother Tongue


— Originally published in Newtown Literary


Pamela Santos was born in the Philippines and sharpened to a fine Tagalugan steel in Queens. She is a writer, podcast producer and theater artist in the whitest city of America. She co-founded Bitter Melon, a collective of women/femme/nonbinary artists of color, and the radio/podcast Pacific Underground. Her poetry has been published in the Unchaste Anthology Volume 2 and is forthcoming issues of Anomaly and the Capturing Fire anthology. She has also been featured in the live events such as Unchaste Readers, Portland Zine Symposium, Tender Table, and Invisible Spectrum Storytelling in Portland, OR. Her “Balikbayan Box Para Sa Mga Patay (Balikbayan Box For The Dead)” altar on Duterte’s extrajudicial killings in the Philippines exhibited at UNA Gallery in November 2017.