Two Poems

by Sabrina Im

"New Moon" by  Monica Magtoto  |  ISSUE FIVE

"New Moon" by Monica Magtoto | ISSUE FIVE

To Be A daughter

Untamed, untethered, unassuming

Mother, let me go explore
another place,
another fate.
Intertwine myself
among the endless dreams I see
drifting with the clouds.

Mother, let me see the sky
Its limited breath, its limitless expanse
changing day and night.

Mother, let me tear a beat
The Earth is listening to the
echoes of the night.
Wind whistling lullabies
captured within our hearts and minds.

Mother, let me transcend boundaries
Cast off those safety nets,
because life like language
is just as tangled in truth and deceit.
Exchanges in tongues
broken off by the then and now,
long sighs escaping...
Blinded by maternal love

Mother, can’t you see me?
My mind is stunted.
Worn down by a lack of
poetry, of words, of visions, of even dreams.

Mother, let me show you a world
you've never seen
Dripping out of pages—letters
inked, imprinted.
A sound hushed by sounds
Contrasting memories, carry on
delight and pain,
Like time, mixed—full of both
sunlight and grime.
Your stories not forgotten,
cradle wishes that lay down
deep, deep inside as if asleep.

Mother, let me tell you that this
is just another journey for you and me.
So have faith,
I will come back to you
having found my own definition
of independence and triumphed over
your fears for me.

Mother, let me tell you
I love you dearly
but believe me when I say,
I have a dream to get out from the in between,
and pen a new history.

Flowing, Floating

I remember those evenings
when mama would comb
my freshly washed hair

She’d pull the wet strands,
those untangling teeth
tugging the stubborn tangles

Her hands running through the length,
I’d feel the tension relax and loosen

flowing, floating,
I am freed

Writer's Bio:

Sabrina Im is a daughter of Khmer refugees, and a poet who often writes of the “in-betweens” she finds herself in. She received her BA in World Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and currently resides in Los Angeles. Sabrina hopes to continue using storytelling as a means for mediating and cultivating inter-generational narratives; as well as mobilizing others to explore their art too.