radhiyah ayobami & Tasha Keeble

Special Issue  Say Her Name  Cover: "The Necromancer" by  Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle

Special Issue Say Her Name Cover: "The Necromancer" by Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle


by Tasha Keeble
Co–Guest Editor


This, a Special Issue of TAYO Literary Magazine, in support of the #SayHerName movement, focuses exclusively on the lives of black women affected by their interactions with State sanctioned violence on the street.

In it, find salient vignettes from Jasmine Evans, a Hurston Wright Founding Members Award finalist in Fiction; fellow Co–Guest Editor rahdiyah ayobami, a critical essay from the Amanda Davis Prose finalist; gorgeously unrelenting poetry from Zoe Flowers, Tara Betts, Kira Allen, Melodic Rose; raw, brilliant, and visceral art from the interdisciplinary visual artist, writer, and performer Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle; and other black women writers raising their voices in cacophonic unison from across the nation. They write over the silence.  

Kira Allen

Jasmine Evans

Tara Betts

LeConté Dill

Zoë Flowers

Dr. Tamara Hollins

Noemi Martinez

Melodic Rose

Karen Marie Villa

Tasha Keeble

Radhiyah Ayobami

Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle

Featured Artist


radhiyah ayobami: brooklyn-born by way of the south, telling stories of black womanhood, motherhood & folks in invisible spaces, believes word has the power to shift consciousness, writes & workshops with pregnant teens, inmates & elders, africana studies graduate of brooklyn college & mfa prose student at mills college in oakland, california, where she is working on a collection of nonfiction essays & the trees give her poems.

Tasha Keeble writes and teaches in Oakland. She writes fiction and nonfiction about shifts and history and politics and love, black and brown love. She's currently writing a database on African authors and completing a historical novel that traces one black family as it contends with the legacies of political activism.