“Here, We Touch”

by Shyama Kuver


Artist Statement

“Thinking about where I belong and who I belong with in terms of homeland has always been a place of conflict, isolation, and exclusion for me. I am Indo-Fijian, with a lack of connection to South Asia and feel disconnected from many other South Asians — whose immigration stories are vastly different from my own. But when I am met with an understanding of indenture and the trauma that comes with colonization and displacement with those who identify similarly to me — I feel seen in a way that doesn't happen often.

When thinking about softness as it intersects with my many identities, I am inspired by the tenderness that we must show ourselves when community is difficult to build or sporadic in its comings and goings. When I am in nature — I am reminded of how small I am, that I am connected to all things - past, present, and future. It is a reminder that I am whole and belong wherever I am. it is a way for me to show tenderness to myself when I cannot find it in the world around me.”


Artist’s BIO:

Shyama Kuver (she|her|herself) is a radiant introvert rooted in queer, immigrant, and black feminist teachings. Tender and fierce, she is a queer Indo-Fijian woman born and raised in pre-tech San Francisco, California, now living and learning in Washington, DC. She is a self and community-taught artist whose work focuses on our spiritual connectedness to each other and to other worlds — past, present, and future. Her art explores human connection with verdure and earth, the toll of colonization, the process of decolonization, and dignity for all beings. You can follow her work towards a future of freedom on Instagram @heartovercrown.