Pose in Poetry: Cher Musico

Our Call for Submissions


– All materials submitted are considered for both our online magazine and print annual issue.

– By submitting your work, you are allowing TAYO Literary Magazine to reproduce your work and you are acknowledging that you agree to all of the Terms and Conditions should we select to use your work for our publication.

– We accept submissions only through our online submissions manager. (We will not look at any submissions that are emailed to us.)

– Please, one submission at a time per category/genre, no multiple submissions (example: you may submit one piece to the fiction category and one piece to the creative nonfiction category, but not two pieces to the fiction category. However, you may submit 3–5 poems max for the poetry category.)

– Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, as long as you immediately notify the TAYO editors that your piece has been accepted elsewhere.

– With rare exceptions, writers/visual artists are not compensated.

– We rarely accept nonfiction submissions solely from the pitch. To avoid delayed responses, please send the full manuscript you’d like us to work with.

– We are only interested in original, unpublished manuscripts, unless your work has been solicited by one of our editors. Your work must not have been published elsewhere, including on your personal website or blog. (If it's a translation, the translation must not have been published. The non-English version may have been.)

TAYO will not hold exclusive rights (on the Internet and in print) to your piece; you will retain the copyrights to your story.

– Should your work be published in a collection at some later date, we’d appreciate the standard acknowledgment.

– Allow at least three-four months for a response. Feel free to email us if this time period has passed.

– Format the document correctly: put only one space between each of your sentences, not typewriter default of two spaces.

– As a reminder, please submit a cover letter in the comment box for all submissions. Please view an example cover letter, which was submitted to TAYO and The Feminist Press’ First Book Prize Contest, here.

– Lastly, TAYO charges a Reading Fee of $3.00 (US) to help offset the costs of production, administration, the cost of technology (website), and mailing comp'd issues for our contributors. For the past eight years, TAYO has been a volunteer-driven organization (a labor of love, if you will), and we are currently entering a transitional phase to become a 503(c) nonprofit organization. As such, although we are implementing a Reading Fee, we are enacting the following free submissions policy to help offset the costs for our submitters.

Free Month for Submissions

March 19, 2018 – April 19, 2018

For one month, TAYO will waive the $3.00 (US) Reading Fee, calling it the "Free Month for Submissions." After the first month has passed, the next two months of submissions will charge the $3.00 (US) Reading Fee—$1 of which underwrites the cost of technology, while the remaining $2 helps support the costs of production, administration and our transitional nonprofit phase.



What we're looking for:

* Writing that touches on the topics of diaspora, location, identity: intersections of culture/language/sex/gender, movement/immigration; grief, emotion, trauma in relation to the aforementioned topics

* Interesting and vivid language, narrative voice, style, multi-layered, poetics

* We encourage you to read our TAYO Blog on submissions: here.

Questions? Email: tayoliterarymag [at] gmail [dot] com.