Student at St. Bernard High School

Photography by Tess. Lotta

Photography by Tess. Lotta

Dear Big Brother,

Your experiences, they speak. The second life, it conjures. It invokes up feeling for the pain. Pain that only you have felt. I feel the pain, and now I try to forget, but my mind won’t let me forget. What kept you going all the time, knowing the pain was yours, knowing the pain is you? Well it is not you, it is a part of you; A part of your skin and a part of your mind. You, you force me to write and speak up and out for the pain. However, she will make you forget the pain. Your great-granddaughter will love you and you will love her. Your great-granddaughter is your privilege. She will understand and love you better than anyone else can. That is the best privilege anyone could ever ask for. Your love for her wasn’t scarred, but only made it even more resilient. Your experience made you tougher and teaches me how to be resilient, and will forever teach me how to love and never give up.